Comprehensive School Counseling Program

The comprehensive school counseling program at Lake Silver Elementary is designed to support students’ overall success in school by focusing on the needs of the whole student.  The program offers a variety of opportunities for students to grow socially, emotionally and academically, making the most of his or her educational experience.  The following are examples of the counseling services that are available:

Individual Counseling- Short term or crisis counseling is available on an ongoing basis.  Referrals for counseling may be made by the teacher, administration, parents or student self-referral. 

Group Counseling- Small group counseling will be offered with focus on such topics as, but not limited to, social skills, family changes, peer relationships and success after retention. Groups will be formed based on student needs and meet once a week during the school day.  Every effort will be made to schedule groups at ideal times.

Classroom Guidance- Every classroom will receive guidance lessons during the school year.  These lessons will assist in enhancing a school wide character education program, as students will have the opportunity to earn Paws-itive Paws for exemplifying the monthly “Tiger Traits”.  Lessons will include topics such as respect, citizenship, responsibility, self-control, bullying prevention and child safety.   

Referral- Referrals can be made for additional mental health services, community agencies, and other resources for families and their children.

Transition- New student orientations are ongoing to ensure student adjustment.

Resources- If you are unable to purchase school supplies or uniforms, please let me know, as there are school supplies and gently used uniforms available as well as uniform scholarships. A Love Pantry is also available, stocked with food for the students to bring home. If you would like to donate gently used uniforms or other school supplies, we will gladly accept them and pass along to our students.

Please contact the school at 407-245-1850.