Dress Code

School uniforms are a successful part of this school and it is expected that all Lake Silver students will follow the guidelines.

The school uniform consists of white, pink, light blue, or navy blue polo shirts with solid color shorts, capris, pants, or skirts. Non-logo uniform shirts can be purchased from any retailer or vendor, including but not limited to Wal-Mart, Target, Old Navy, Lands End, and The Children’s Place. During cold weather, the above colors should be adhered to, but turtlenecks, cardigans, and long sleeve shirts will be acceptable.



On Fridays, students may celebrate “Spirit Day” by wearing an official LSE T-shirt with any bottom (as long as it meets the OCPS Student Dress Code as attached).


The new policy also includes the following OCPS provisions:

  • The size of shirts and pants must be appropriate to the student’s body size and not oversized or undersized.
  • Pants or shorts with belt loops must be worn with a belt so that the waistband is worn at the waist and not below.
  • The hem of the girls’ skirts or dresses must be no shorter than mid-thigh.

Download the OCPS Dress Code Policy

School administrators have the final authority to decide if clothing complies with the rules. “Individual schools are expected to use the District dress and grooming guidelines as minimum standards, but are encouraged to extend their own standards to meet the uniqueness of their school community.” (OCPS Code of Student Conduct, pg. 6)