ESE, Gifted and Therapy

ESE Programs

Our Exceptional Student Education (ESE) program provides services to students with special needs, including students with disabilities and gifted students.  We have seven ESE classrooms that serve students from prekindergarten to fifth grade. Our resource teachers work closely with the general education teachers to support students with disabilities in the general education classrooms. Our team believes that all children can learn and grow and that our responsibility is to come together as a team to support them.  We work closely with the school therapists and parents to best meet the needs of all students.


Gifted Program

Lake Silver provides services for students that qualify for Gifted by using a pull out model which serves Lake Silver students in grades 1-5. The Florida Frameworks for Gifted Education are used to develop the students' gifts in the following areas: knowledge, questioning, leadership, problem-solving, research, goal-setting, and production.

Occupational Therapy (OT), Physical Therapy (PT) and Speech/Language Therapy (SLP)         

Occupational Therapy (OT) and Physical Therapy (PT) are related services for students in the public school system who are eligible for an Exceptional Student Education (ESE) program. The purpose of a related service is to provide assistance to students with special needs so that they can participate more independently in their educational program. Occupational Therapists provide intervention to eligible students whose difficulties in the areas of fine motor, visual motor, self-care and sensory processing skills interfere with their participation in school activities. Physical Therapists provide intervention to eligible students whose difficulties in functional mobility, balance, gross motor skills, and endurance interfere with participation in school activities. Lake Silver is fortunate to have 2 occupational therapists and 2 physical therapists on staff to provide these services. These therapists each have many years of experience in pediatric intervention.

Our Speech/Language Pathologists (SLP) assist students with language, articulation, fluency and/or voice disorders access their curriculum. All students need to meet federal and state guidelines and show educational relevance to qualify for the speech and language program. These services can be provided to students with a current IEP who need language/speech support to meet their classroom goals. We also collaborate with teachers, help identify struggling students, evaluate students, write plans and assist with assistive technology needs. We give our students the ability to communicate! Lake Silver has two speech/language therapists on staff who have experience working with children.