Parent Leadership Council (PLC)

The purpose of the Parent Leadership Council (PLC) is to encourage parental involvement and participation in the implementation of Language Enriched Pupils (LEP) programming and academic achievement initiatives. Parents of LEP shall be informed of the opportunities to be represented on existing school and district advisory committees.

School Advisory Council (SAC)

The School Advisory Council (SAC) represents the school community as the vehicle of school improvement. Teachers, other school staff members, parents, and community business people are elected or appointed to form the SAC. The SAC’s primary role is to assist the principal in developing and evaluating the School Improvement Plan. The SAC also gives assistance to the principal in the planning of the upcoming year’s budget. One of the requirements of the school improvement process is to conduct a survey of the school’s learning environment and use the results for school improvement. The SAC meets monthly to discuss and make decisions that pertain to the School Improvement Plan.