Student Information

Media Center Information - For Students

What can students do in the Media Center?

  • Check out books, if they do not have any overdue or lost books
  • Read a book in the Media Center
  • Research a topic
  • Work on school work
  • Read with their Mentor or Reading Partners

Check-Out Policy for Students

(No more than 2 books and 1 magazine at a time.)


Media Loan Policy

 Media Type  Length of Check-Out Time
 Books  2 Weeks
 Magazines  N/A
 Reference Books  Media Center use only


Please Note: Children may not check out new books if they have any books overdue, once books are returned they may check out again. If they lose a book they need to pay for it before they will be able to check out a new book.


Overdue Notices 

Overdue notices are run automatically every Monday and goes directly to the homeroom teacher. Teachers will remind students who have a late book to return it to the library. If more than a few weeks goes by and the book is still missing the child will be asked to pay for the missing book.


Media Center Behavior Policy

1. Come in quietly

2. Be respectful of ourselves, and others, library books/materials and equipment

3. Follow directions

4. Be responsible – keep hands and feet to ourselves

5. Read, read, read….!